Carla Pinza lead dancer in her early teens with the Butleroff Ballet Company.


Carla began her theatrical career as a child actor at the age of nine. She was a student of Gordon Keith of the Old Vic in England. She was also a ballet dancer, trained in the Russian technique by Helen and Boris Butlerloff, and a lead dancer in the Butlerloff Dance Company by the age of fourteen. Discovered by renowned writer Truman Capote while still in her teens, he invited her to play a role in the revival of his musical House of Flowers where she wrote the dialogue for her role. Carla received critical acclaim and went on to work with the likes of Broadway director Jose Quintero and theater writer John Guare, who credits her for inspiring him to write the musical Two Gentlemen of Verona in which she starred with Raul Julia, originating the role of Julia in the production. Carla again wrote the dialogue for her role in academy award winning director John Schlesinger film The Believers. Carla is the writer of the staged play with music Shakespeare Give Us A Clue, and the screenwriter of Bring Back The Clowns. She is a journalist, talk show host, producer, director and founder of Luminous Visions, Inc. Carla Pinza is presently writing a three book series - titled "Ziggy's Mundo".



Martin Sheen, Carla Pinza, and producer Michael Childers on the film set of "The Believers" in Canada.
Carla Pinza and academy award director John Schlessnger discuss scene from the film "The Believers".
Eric Estrada, interviewed by Carla.
Carla interviewing "Pancho" Marvin Camillo and Colleen Dewhurst for TV








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