Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona. Joseph Papp (left) Raul Julia and Carla Pinza (center) with other cast members.
Raul Julia and Carla Pinza, the two leads in Two Gentlemen of Verona featuring Jerry Stiller.

Carla Pinza

Credits American playwright Thornton Wilder for planting the seed that helped her structure the organization. Carla met Mr. Wilder when she and Raul were in Jack Gelber's Broadway bound production of "The Cuban Thing." Carla's discussions, about writing, with Mr. Wilder inspired her to create the organization. Carla and Raul created the organization with other members of the board of directors giving a voice to the new wave of English speaking Hispanic talent in the United States.

Raul Julia

Co-founder of Luminous Visions, Inc., was an extraordinary actor and humanitarian. After he arrived in New York from his native island of Puerto Rico, he became good friends with Carla Pinza, a native New Yorker, also an actress and his leading lady at that time in theater productions. Together they began exploring new avenues of developing creative works. As a result,  Carla established The Latino Playwrights, a company for writers and actors of Hispanic heritage.









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